A guiding principle of the Sculpture Forest is nature-integrated art. California ceramic artist Jenni Ward‘s installation “Lichen Series: Spore Patterns” embodies this through its subject, execution, and nestled location onsite. Its form is based on the gill patterns from the underside of a mushroom, among other ideas.

As the Forest has begun to incorporate Spore Patterns into its being, Betty Keeton from Oak Harbor has discovered a new living mushroom growing within Jenni’s mushroom-inspired art! Can you see it on the forest floor in the photo?

“My grandkids were first introduced to the Sculpture Forest last summer and have returned (at their request) a few times. They SO enjoy the trail, to begin with, and to find the ‘treasures’ hidden within. They have their favorite sculptures (as do we all), and it is really fun to hear them add ‘…but this one is my next favorite’. Thank You doesn’t seem to say enough for what you have done on your land, but Thank You all the same.”

Thank you, Betty, Jenni, and Mushroom!

Lichen Series Spore Patterns by Jenni Ward with mushroom at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Betty Keeton of Oak Harbor
Mushroom within Spore Patterns
  • February 2022