Welcome to the world of Susan Barrett‘s 360 degree photography. Susan, from Everett WA, uses a specialized camera, software, and camera supports to create some enthralling images throughout the Forest. Here, she envelopes Jeff Kahn‘s elegant Wind Shear within the verdant forest and sky all around it.

Susan has created other 360 degree perspectives of our art and we will be sharing more of her photography with you in the near future.

“I love Whidbey Island. My parents used to live in Skagit Head.  I have wonderful memories from all over the island. My co-worker shared about the Sculpture Forest and I had to go.  I love everything about it!  The art, the walk, the trees, the birds, and the different aspect that every artist has contributed.”

Thank you, Susan and Jeff!

Wind Shear by Jeff Kahn at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Susan Barrett
  • February 2022