Thank you to the Coupeville Festival Association for supporting the Coupeville arts community through their grant program.  Every year, their nonprofit takes all the net proceeds generated by the terrific Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival and distributes it to deserving local nonprofit arts and community organizations.  They continued their support for the Sculpture Forest’s groundbreaking Augmented Reality exhibition by helping us create a second fresh exhibition with all new art and artists to share with everyone.  Our AR exhibition of physical sculptures is a first of its kind in the entire world, all right here in Coupeville.

We appreciate the CFA Board‘s support of our efforts to bring free, high quality, cutting edge sculpture to art and nature lovers.  Thank you, CFA!

Coupeville Festival Association presents grant to Price Sculpture Forest

CFA Board presenting grant for Sculpture Forest, left to right: Scott Price (with Sculpture Forest), Sami Postma, Deborah O’Brien, Gianna Holle, Dale Folkstad, Elka Burnett, Lisa Bernhardt, Melinda Erickson, Barb Shaw


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  • January 2024