Pat McVay‘s multi-level expansion of Icarus Was Here was featured in the Whidbey Weekly newspaper’s engaging article by author Kathy Reed and publisher Eric Marshall. In “Art Goes Airborne at Price Sculpture Forest” on page 10, Kathy talks about the mythological concepts that Pat built upon and then addresses some of the contextual considerations that had to be addressed while creating Pat’s expansive vision within the Sculpture Forest.

“As one looks at McVay’s colorful piece, it represents the feathers from Icarus’ wings floating to earth. The initial sculpture is about 12 feet off the ground. McVay and Price started adding additional feathers in January, but there are now 30 separate, hand-carved, cedar feathers gracing the completed piece. They range in size from two feet to 10 feet in length and float at various levels in the canopy – some as high as 50 feet in the air – held in place by cables mounted in the trees.”

Thank you, Kathy, Eric, and Pat!

Whidbey Weekly page 10 article about Pat McVay Icarus Was Here at Price Sculpture Forest
Whidbey Weekly article about Pat McVay and Icarus Was Here
  • March 2021