Interdisciplinary artist Boyang Yu explores the bond between nature and humankind in his art, showing the natural world as the foundation of our society.  The Sculpture Forest provides a perfect place for him to express that.

His latest installation piece “Points Of Departure” was constructed entirely onsite using pieces of down wood from the forest, hardware from a local store, a chair from a local antique store, and tools from the Sculpture Forest.  He was assisted by Bella Zhang, also from New York City.

After the sculpture park opens, you will be invited to see this up close and learn more about Boyang’s underlying meaning with its various shapes, materials, and overall structure.  Also be on the lookout for a future video interview of Boyang about his experience and intentions in creating Points Of Departure.

Thank you for your thought provoking creation in the Sculpture Forest, Boyang!

Boyang Yu Points of Departure at Price Sculpture Forest
Boyang Yu with Points Of Departure
  • August 2020