Jeff Tangen has planted his beautiful Playa Flowers in the Sculpture Forest, and they have blossomed.

Playa Flowers began life as a Burning Man art installation, on display at the famous annual art & performance festival in Nevada.  Jeff is an avid Burner.  He enjoys the creative process and believes in sharing creative vision with others.  His home in Port Townsend is its own sculpture garden, and Playa Flowers was worthy of a more public presence in the Sculpture Forest.

Jeff sourced multiple types of reused materials to create this sculpture.  The sun glints and refracts through the colorful glass flowers that are surrounded by details that you will need to see in person when we open.  More info to come on Jeff and Playa Flowers.

Jeff Tangen Playa Flowers under construction at Price Sculpture Forest
Jeff Tangen assembling Playa Flowers
Playa Flowers sculpture by sculptor Jeff Tangen at Price Sculpture Forest
Playa Flowers in full bloom
  • August 2020