Whidbey Camano Tourism and The Whidbey News Times featured the Sculpture Forest as a recommended destination in its article “An art-full outdoor experience awaits on Whidbey and Camano Islands“.  Author Carleen Nugent pointed out that “Art and nature are in many ways the perfect pairing.  Surrounded by the elements, the art plays off of the earth and the surrounding environment, creating an experience that’s impossible to recreate indoors.”  We completely agree.
Regarding the Sculpture Forest, she said “the outdoor gallery has art hanging from trees and tucked behind foliage, encouraging revelers to take in their century-old forest surroundings.”
Jeff Kahn’s elegant Wind Shear is shown as the article’s lead photo.
Thank you, Whidbey Camano Tourism!
Whidbey News Times article An Art-full Outdoor Experience Awaits on Whidbey and Camano Islands
Whidbey News Times article

  • November 2020